Coping Strategies

In this series we explore coping strategies.

Something about coping strategies

08 ⁄ 04 ⁄ 2018 | Dr. Lehan Stemmet

This podcast reviews two commonly used coping strategies, namely avoidance coping and detached coping. It explains why avoidance coping is not beneficial and why detached coping is widely regarded as an effective strategy.

Tenacity Endurance Resilience

 11 ⁄ 05 ⁄ 2018 | Dr. Lehan Stemmet

Understanding the difference between tenacity, endurance and resilience helps us to cope better by taking notice of the current situation and state we're in.

Clarity and Action

 15 ⁄ 07 ⁄ 2018 | Dr. Lehan Stemmet

This resource explores the importance of clarity and taking action in being resilient and explains that resilience requires both clarity and action in order to help us deal with the things we face. It also includes a couple of simple tables you can complete to help you create clarity and an action plan. 

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