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"I speak to many people about resilience every year and always need to remind them that I never underestimate how challenging the situations they have dealt with, or might be dealing with, are. But they can equally rest assured that I also never underestimate their ability to stand up from it or work through it successfully."
- Lehan Stemmet, Ph.D.

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About Dr Lehan

Over 20 years ago Dr. Lehan Stemmet developed an interest in how people deal with challenges through what started as a personal project he called 'Deal With It'. He often presents the 'Deal With It' principles to diverse audiences and has also been a mentor and coach for many people over the years.

​Lehan has held various senior roles in diverse industries and taught a range of undergraduate and postgraduate management courses, including organisational behavior, research methods and organisational change and development. ​He is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential and has an affinity for multidisciplinary applied research, broadly categorized in the cognitive and behavioral neuroscience space, but with particular focus on stress and resilience and its moderators.

He is qualified in biochemistry and microbiology, as well as in organisational and experimental psychology.

Dr. Lehan's latest book, "Deal With It - Do What Inspires," is available on Amazon.com

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