This series explores the topic of stress more closely. In this series we also look at the definition of stress to gain a better understanding of it in order to manage the challenges we experience more effectively by seeing it in perspective.

Stress or Pressure?

29 ⁄ 04 ⁄ 2018 | Dr. Lehan Stemmet

There is a difference between pressure and stress and being aware of it helps us to manage our challenges more effectively in order to prevent the long-term negative consequences of a prolonged stress response.

Stress Hormones

12 ⁄ 05 ⁄ 2018 | Dr. Lehan Stemmet

In this part we explain why the term 'stress hormones' is not entirely correct and briefly explain the causes, actions and impact of two hormones often associated with stress, and how to reduce its impact.

Stress or Frustration?

19 ⁄ 08 ⁄ 2019 | Dr. Lehan Stemmet

Many people feel stressed, or so they say. Very often though, what they feel is not stressed but frustrated. The response to those frustrations might resemble stress physiologically and psychologically, but the emotion they experience is frustration.

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